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The managing directors of IWHP are proud and privileged to have partnered with visionary management teams who are shaping the future of Biotech, Medical Devices and Healthcare IT. The groundbreaking businesses they have created are representative of the industry-leading companies that InterWest has helped build over the last three decades.

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InterWest Healthcare Partners (IWHP) provides venture capital to innovative companies with breakthrough advances in Biotech/Pharma and Medical Devices. IWHP builds on InterWest’s leading brand in Healthcare venture capital and unique institutional wisdom derived from investing $1.4 billion in 151 Healthcare companies over 36 years, resulting in 44 IPOs and 38 upside mergers to date. We typically invest an average of $10 to $15 million over the span of our involvement with a company.

We lead more than 70% of the investments we make, reflecting our ability to marshal resources and organize financings on behalf of our portfolio companies. We serve on the boards of directors of 85% of the companies in our portfolio, often continuing to serve even after the partnership's investment in the company has been returned. This high level of personal commitment enables us to deliver on our fundamental promise to the entrepreneurs we back: to add value beyond the capital we contribute.