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The managing directors of IWHP are proud and privileged to have partnered with visionary management teams who are shaping the future of Biotech, Medical Devices and Healthcare IT. The groundbreaking businesses they have created are representative of the industry-leading companies that InterWest has helped build over the last three decades.

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Early Stage IT & Healthcare Investing

Meet our CEOs

Ryan Rhodes
Lonnie Moulder, TESARO
Jeff Tangney
David Mack, PMV Pharmaceuticals


David Mack, PMV Pharmaceuticals

"At PMV Pharmaceuticals, we are targeting the most frequently mutated gene in human cancer (p53) to make an unprecedented impact on cancer patients' lives. InterWest Healthcare Partners’ knowledge and understanding of transformative biology made them our ideal lead investor."

David Mack, Co-Founder, President & CEO, PMV Pharma


Ryan Rhodes

"We’re revolutionizing human hair transplantation using sophisticated robotics and we needed a patient investment partner with a solid track record in medical devices—so we turned to InterWest. Their ability to maintain their interest and commitment over time has been crucial to our progress."

Ryan Rhodes, President and CEO, Restoration Robotics


Lonnie Moulder, TESARO

"TESARO unearths and passionately pursues the development of biopharmaceuticals that can make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. InterWest’s deep understanding of science and development, along with their investment style, compelled us to partner with them as a foundational investor. "

Lonnie Moulder, CEO & Co-Founder, TESARO


Jeff Tangney

"We make physicians more productive and successful by connecting them online—a tricky task that requires an understanding of health care, technology and regulations. With InterWest, we found solid partners with investment, health care and technology expertise under one roof."

Jeff Tangney, CEO, Doximity